Manage your devices

The xMatters web user interface makes it easy to create, modify, and organize the devices xMatters uses to contact you. Devices include voice and text phones, email addresses, pagers, mobile apps and more.

You can configure when xMatters contacts each of your devices, enabling you to receive notifications on the most appropriate device according to your schedule. You can also configure the device order and setting delays between devices to ensure that you have time to respond to a notification on one device before xMatters notifies the next device. By combining these features you can minimize notifications to disruptive devices while ensuring that you don't miss important events.

Some organizations synchronize device data with external systems such as an HR database. If your organization does this, you may need to update your device information in the external system so it is not overwritten by the data synchronization process.

Add and remove devices

The following sections describe how to add, remove, test, and deactivate your devices.

Customize how xMatters contacts you

The following sections describe how to refine device notification settings so that you receive notifications on the most appropriate device according to your schedule, the importance of the notification, and how long xMatters has been attempting to contact you.

If a device is targeted directly, such as when a device is a member of a group or if you add a device as a direct recipient of a message, xMatters ignores any configured timeframes, priority settings, and delays, and sends the notification to the device immediately.

Advanced device settings

The following sections describe some advanced configuration settings for devices.