View and respond to alerts in the xMatters user interface

You can read and respond to alerts within the xMatters interface. The Inbox displays a list of alerts on the left side of the page and displays the contents of the selected message in a panel on the right side of the page.

To open your inbox, click the Alerts icon at the top of the page, beside your name:

You can also click the Inbox widget on your dashboard.

Inbox overview

You can filter the alerts that are displayed in the Inbox:

  • Click the All Messages button to display all messages, including active and inactive messages.
  • Click the Active Messages button to display only the messages that are currently active and hide the inactive messages. Active messages are those notifications related to events that are still active in the system, and which you are still involved in. Your association with an event is usually determined by your response choice: if you acknowledge or accept an event, then it will usually remain "active" for you, while ignoring or declining an event will remove your association with it.
  • Select a time frame from the drop list to display messages from a certain time frame. For example, select Past 1 Hour to view messages that were sent in the last hour, or select All Dates to show all messages.

Alerts List

The alerts list displays a summary of each alert, and includes icons that show the status of the alert. Click an alert in to display its contents in the alert pane.

Alert Status Icons
You have not responded to this alert.
You have responded to this alert by choosing one of the response options.
You have dismissed this alert, without explicitly choosing a response option.

Alert Pane

The alert pane displays the subject, sender name, and the time the alert was sent. The alert pane also displays the following information:

  • Attachments: When the alert contains one or more attachments, a button at the top-right corner displays the number of attachments. You can click this button to view the attachments.
  • Response options:  You can respond to the alert by clicking one of the response options that are displayed below the message body.

Alerts sent with low priority or high priority display a priority icon. Alerts sent with medium priority do not display a priority icon.

Priority Icons
The alert was sent with high priority.
The alert was sent with low priority.

Each alert displays an icon that represents the status of the event that generated the alert.

Event Status Icons
The event is active.
The event has been suspended.
The event has been terminated.

The alert also displays information about the event that generated the message:

  • The name of the domain or form that generated the message.
  • The name of the workflow or incident ID that generated the message.
  • The event ID. If you have permission to view reports, you can click on the event ID to view the event tracking report.

Device History

The Device History window displays information about how xMatters has attempted to contact each of your Devices to notify you about this alert. You can see how many times xMatters attempted to contact each device, whether the attempt was successful, and when the attempt occurred.

  • To view the device history for an alert, click the mobile phone icon at the top of the alert window.
  • In the Device History window, click the device name to go to the configuration page for the device.