Manage web service users

SOAP web service operation requests must specify a valid web service user. All web service user management is performed on the users tab in the xMatters web user interface.

Web service users are used to access xMatters via SOAP web services. For information about REST web services, see Introduction to xMatters REST APIs.)

Web services access

Web service users can access only data specific to their company; otherwise their data visibility does not have limits that may be enforced by other roles, such as group supervisor. All data is returned as though the request was made by an administrator with visibility to all the data.

Multiple-Company deployments have an exception to the above rule when a user is created for an Integration Agent in the host company (the "Default Company"), and the Integration Agent is allowed to interact with all of the tenant companies in the deployment. This feature is controlled by the Service Provider Access check box on the Web Service Users details page in the xMatters web user interface. This check box is visible to host-company users only.

Adding and modifying Web Service users

Company administrators and users with the Web Service supervisor role have the ability to administer web service users. When adding or modifying a web service user, you can specify which web services the user is allowed to use.

When you add a Web Services license to a new or existing xMatters installation, a default web service user account is created with the following credentials:

  • User ID: IA_User
  • Password: ia_complex
  • Allowed Web Services: Submit APXML, Receive APXML, Register Integration Agent

It is recommended that you change the password for this user, or disable the account, once you have added the web service users for your company.