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Welcome to xMatters - Episode 1

Welcome to xMatters - Episode 2

Welcome to xMatters - Episode 3

Welcome to xMatters - Episode 4

Initiating an Incident

Incident Insights

Building Your First Flow

User Profile

Communication Center Dashboard

Managing Your Devices

Slack and Microsoft Teams as a Device

View Your Schedule

Managing Subscriptions


Android: Installing the xMatters App

iOS: Installing the xMatters App

Android: Your Inbox

iOS: Your Inbox

Android: Viewing Your Devices

iOS: Viewing Your Devices

Android: Your Contacts

iOS: Your Contacts

Android: Your Schedule

iOS: Your Schedule

Android: Sending Messages

iOS: Sending Messages

Android: Tracking Report

iOS: Tracking Report

Android: Alerts Report

iOS: Alerts Report

Notification Override


Managing Users

Supervised Users


View Users by Role


Managing Groups

Group Overview




Who's On Call

Group Performance Report

User Performance Report

Dynamic Groups

On-Call Groups

Broadcast Groups

Sending Alerts

Conference Bridge

Conference Tab

Tracking Report

Notifications Report

Managing Your Inbox

View Sent Messages

Alert Report Card

Alert Message

Alert Timeline

Alert Log

Alert Properties

Managing Subscriptions

Creating Subscription Forms

Configuring an External Conference Bridge


Workflow Forms

Workflow Form Layout

Workflow Form Message

Workflow Form Responses

Flow Designer

Integrate Your Tools with xMatters


Workflow Properties

Workflow Templates

Service Catalog

Callable Flows

Signals Report

Creating Subscription Forms

OAuth Authentication


Integrated Properties

Integration Builder

ServiceNow Integration

Managing Dashboards

General Settings (Admin)

Flood Control

TTS (Text to Speech) Dictionary

Voice Recordings

Custom User Properties



Security Settings