Design example 3: tornado scenario

After working through the Tornado Warning design example, it may have occurred to you that it would be handy to be able to save your settings for reuse - or even to store multiple configurations to cover a broad array of situations. Workflow scenarios allow you to do exactly that. Form senders can then select the scenario that best matches the situation, allowing for quicker and more accurate communication.

If you're not already familiar with scenarios, take a few minutes to read through our topic on scenarios.

Since configuring scenarios is very similar to configuring forms, we think you'll find creating and editing scenarios intuitive and fast. In this design example, we're going to create a scenario to deal with a severely damaging tornado event in Kansas, based on the setting we used in Design example 1: tornado warning.

Next steps

Try creating a few more scenarios for the form based on different regions, recipients, devices and so on. When you have several scenarios completed for a form, navigate to the form on the Messaging tab and experiment with loading them into the form - notice that you can also modify them from the form page (for details, see Create and manage scenarios on a message form).