Custom sections and properties

A Custom section allows you to add properties to a form that can be completed when the form is filled out. When you want to add a property, first add a custom section and then drag a property into it.

You can add multiple properties to a single custom section, or add multiple custom sections to your form and add one or more properties to each. To give the custom section a heading, click on the name and type a new one.

  • For messaging forms, adding a property makes it available both on the form and in flows associated with the form in Flow Designer, where you can include the information in a flow, send it to the applications in your toolchain, and set up automatic routing based on the value of a property. This is also what lets you set the property in a Create Alert Using a Form step associated with the form.
  • For flow trigger forms, adding a property makes it available on the form, and the value entered is passed to an output of the associated Incident Initiation trigger or Incident Automation trigger.

Tip: If you have many properties defined, you can find a specific property quickly by starting to type its name in the Filter Properties search field. You can also add a new property directly from the Form Details page by clicking the plus (+) icon in the Properties panel.

The value selected for the property is determined by the person using the form, though you can set default values. For more information, see Define form properties.