Workflow templates

xMatters includes templates for workflows between xMatters and third-party applications that you can install in your deployment. Many of the available templates offer a low-code solution, allowing you to install an integration and start setting up your automation immediately.

This topic describes how to find and install workflow templates. For instructions on how to configure a specific workflow once you've installed a template, see the appropriate page in the xMatters integrations help.

Find workflows

The following sections describe how to access and search for workflow templates.

Didn't find what you're looking for?

If you don't see a template for the application you want to integrate with, you can create your own custom workflow instead or use the Trigger Alerts by Email, Trigger Alerts by Webhook, or Incident Resolution workflows as a starting point.

Install a workflow

When you choose a template from the list, the installation process is different depending on whether the workflow has an available low-code solution or requires a downloadable package from xMatters Labs on GitHub.

For more information about managing workflows, see Create and manage workflows.