Cherwell Incidents steps

Flow Designer has a Cherwell Incidents trigger and built-in Cherwell steps to help you integrate Cherwell into your event management and incident response flows.

Cherwell steps

The following steps are available:

  • Create Incident: automatically create a new incident in Cherwell, populating it with information from the trigger or previous steps in the flow.
  • Update Incident: automatically update an existing incident as it changes or information becomes available.
  • Add Note: automatically add a note to the Journal that contains new information from other steps in the flow.

In the example above, the flow receives a signal from Cherwell and alerts the appropriate Cherwell team. When a member of the team acknowledges the notification, their comment is added to the Journal for the Cherwell Incident through the Add Note step.

Create Incident

Use the Create Incident step to automatically create a new incident in Cherwell. Map outputs from previous steps to the inputs to complete the incident details.

Update Incident

Use the Update Incident step to automatically update the information on an existing incident. Map outputs of previous steps to the inputs to determine which ticket to update and what details to change.

Add Note

Use the Add Note step to automatically add an internal note or public reply to an existing ticket. Map outputs of previous steps to the inputs to create the comment and determine which ticket to comment on.

Cherwell Incidents trigger

Flow Designer includes a built-in Cherwell Incidents trigger that initiates a flow when it receives a request from Cherwell. You can configure a Cherwell target to send the request when your configured conditions are met.

This trigger is used in our packaged Cherwell workflow. If you're using Cherwell in your incident management processes, you might want to check it out. The workflow instructions have additional information on automatically determining recipients of xMatters notifications based on agent or group assignment in Cherwell. The workflow already has steps in its flows to update and add comments to Cherwell tickets with information from the xMatters alert.