Incident links

Linking incidents with other active or historical incidents can shorten your resolution time and make the incident management process more efficient. You can glean insights from related incidents such as merging resolution teams for similar incidents, reusing steps that were used to resolve a historical incident, or reducing time to mitigate or resolve the incident by combining duplicates. You can link the incident you're working on to other incidents on the Incident Console, view and manage existing links, and review links in the Post-Incident Report.

The ability to link incidents is available in Base and Advanced plans.

Incident relationship types

When you link your current incident to a related incident, you can select one of the following incident relationship types:

Relationship Type Description Options
Cause If an incident is marked as the cause of another incident, resolvers can stop working on an incident and focus on solving the incident that caused it.

Causes: Your current incident is the cause of the related incident.

Caused by: The related incident is the cause of your current incident.


Resolvers can mark an incident as a duplicate and work together with another resolution team to focus on the original incident.

Duplicate of: Your current incident is a copy of the related incident.

Duplicated by: The related incident is a copy of your current incident.


A reoccurrence of an incident may mean that resolvers can reuse or consolidate its resolution steps. If the reoccurrence happens multiple times, there may be an underlying problem that needs to be addressed to prevent future reoccurences.

Reoccurrence of: Your current incident is a later occurrence of the same issue shared by the related incident.

Reoccurred as: The related incident is a later occurrence of the same issue shared by your current incident.

Root cause

If multiple incidents have the same root cause, the resolution team for these incidents can work together to resolve them. If a historical incident has same root cause as the incident you're working on, you can use the same resolution steps.

Same root cause as: The incidents you're linking together are caused by the same issue.


Resolvers can review incidents marked as 'similar' for remediation actions that reduce time to mitigate and resolve.

Similar to: The incidents you're linking together have similarities that aren't covered by the other incident relationship types.

Create and manage incident links