Import users

xMatters provides several tools that allow you to quickly create xMatters users from external sources.

The following tools may be available to you depending on your licensing model and permissions:

  • User upload: The user upload tool allows you to import user data from a spreadsheet. This allows you to quickly create a set of users in xMatters using a common tool. For more information about using the user upload feature, see User Upload.
  • EPIC: The EPIC client allows you to synchronize user, group, and site data with an external system. The EPIC client is typically used in conjunction with ETL tools to extract data from an external system and import it into xMatters, allowing you to maintain this information in an external system and update xMatters on a regular interval. The EPIC client can also be used to migrate on-premises installations of xMatters to xMatters On-Demand. For more information about working with EPIC, see Synchronize user data with EPIC.
  • xMatters REST API: The xMatters REST API allows you to programmatically create users from within any application that can make requests over HTTP. For more information about using the xMatters REST API, see Introduction to xMatters REST APIs.