Voice notification content

The Voice Interaction message option allows you to create content for the voice (phone) notification that is sent when the associated form is initiated. You can create new recordings specify if the system should use text-to-speech (TTS), and preview the voice interaction to ensure that it sounds exactly as you intended.

Before you begin

Before creating a voice interaction script in the editor, it's a good idea to plan what you want the script to achieve, using an outline, flowchart, or another tool. Here are some questions to consider before you begin:

  • What existing recordings are needed in the script?
  • What new phrases need to be recorded for the script? Whose voice will be used for these?
  • What is the key information to present, and where should it be placed in the script?
  • What existing properties are needed for the script?
  • Do any new properties need to be created?
  • Are there any existing policies or procedures that must be reflected in the script?

Once you know the answers to these questions and other issues specific to your organizational needs, you can sketch out each step of the interaction, adding these elements as you work through the plan.

Record and preview a new voice interaction phrase

You can record a new phrase with the Voice Interaction editor using your computer's microphone or an active voice device such as your mobile phone. Once you have recorded a phrase, it becomes available to other users and forms within your company. (For more information about configuring devices, see Manage your devices.)

After you record a voice interaction, you can preview it from the Voice Interaction editor to make sure it meets your needs.

Record a new voice interaction phrase

To use your computer's microphone to record a voice interaction phrase, you must use a supported web browser and give it permission to access your computer's microphone. Recommended web browsers for voice phrase recording include Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The process for granting access to the computer's microphone is different for each browser and may change from version to version. Consult the help for your browser to learn how to grant microphone access to web applications.

For Internet Explorer 11 users, you will need an active voice device to record a new phrase as Adobe has announced that they will no longer distribute or update Flash.

Preview your voice interaction script

Before using your voice interaction in your notifications, it's recommended that you preview your scripts. The Voice Interaction editor lets you can configure and send a test voice message to yourself to hear how your script sounds, and troubleshoot any issues quickly.