Find users currently on call

You can use the Who's On Call report to search for users who are on call now, or during a selected date and time range, across different on-call groups in your organization. You can also use the Who's On Call report to identify if there are any coverage gaps in your on-call group schedules.

Because members of a broadcast group are notified together, all members are always 'on call'. If you want to view the members of a broadcast group, see Broadcast group interface overview.

The results of the Who's On Call report are organized alphabetically by group name, with the shifts in each group ordered chronologically and identified with colored labels. The first three contacts from each group, temporary absences and replacements, and delays between users are displayed for each shift. Click the name of a shift member to view their contact information.

The Who's On Call report also identifies when shifts in selected on-call groups do not have any members, and if there are coverage gaps in the on-call schedules during the selected time period; these are identified in red on the Who's On Call report.