Intelligent Alert Management

xMatters is equipped with processes that reduce the amount of unnecessary noise you receive when incidents occur, allowing you and your teams to remain focused and experience fewer interruptions when you're resolving critical issues.

Trigger Flood Control

Prevents unnecessary initiation of flow triggers and their connected steps when you experience a flood of incoming signals.

Trigger flood control inspects incoming signals for any duplicates that occur in quick succession and prevents those signals from triggering a flow. This helps reduce unwelcome noise and unnecessary initiation of the connected flow that you might experience during a major incident.

To learn more about how this feature works, see Trigger Flood Control.

Alert Flood Control

Reduces the number of alerts that are generated in xMatters when you experience a flood or event storm in one or more of your systems.

This feature inspects your incoming alert requests and suppresses alerts about the same issue that occur too closely to one another. Suppressed alerts aren't queued for processing and don't count against your licensed number of alerts per minute. This means that alerts from other sources can flow through xMatters without waiting for a backlog of redundant alerts to clear.

To learn more about how this feature works, see Alert Flood Control.

Notification Flood Control

Prevents users from being flooded with multiple notifications from the same workflow or integration when an incident occurs.

Notification flood control is a company-level setting that can be enabled for individual workflows and inbound integrations. You can use this feature to control the maximum number of notifications that are delivered to specific device types during a defined period.

For more information about this feature, see Notification Flood Control.

De-duplication of subscription notifications

Dynamically identifies the best content to send based on your role in the communication process and automatically suppresses unnecessary duplicate subscription notifications.

This built-in functionality ensures that primary responders and decision makers receive only directly-targeted notifications, and other stakeholders and subscribers get the content most appropriate for their needs, such a one-way FYI notification, or a notification with response options.

For an example of how subscriptions work and the logic xMatters uses to de-dupicate subscription notifications, see How to use subscriptions.

De-duplication of notifications in nested groups

Removes duplicate notifications that you might receive from being targeted more than once in a group.

If you're a member of a group more than once, because of your membership in sub-groups nested within that group, xMatters automatically removes duplicate notifications you'd receive if the parent group was a targeted recipient for an alert.

This doesn't apply if there's an delay or escalation between these notifications, or if the "Allow Duplicates" setting has been enabled for the parent group; for more information, see Group options and settings - Allow duplicates.