In xMatters, sites represent physical locations like street addresses or geographic coordinates. Every user in the system belongs to a single site and it controls some default settings on their profile page, such as their language and time zone.

We strongly recommend that you do not use sites as a substitute for custom user properties when defining dynamic teams (for more information. As a best practice, sites should be used for larger concepts such as “Building 5” or “San Francisco Campus”; conversely, sites should not be used for defining relatively small groupings such as “Marketing Office” or “Fifth Floor East”.

The Sites page

The Sites page displays a list of all the sites in your system. The sites list includes information about each site, including the site's name, its street address and country, if its location is geocoded, and whether it's active or disabled. Geocoding the location of your sites enables you to notify users based on their geographic location.

You can use the search bar and filters to refine the list of sites displayed in the table. You can also export the list of currently displayed sites to a spreadsheet.

The following sections describe the actions you can perform on the Sites page: