General Settings

You can define the details for a company using the General Settings page accessed via the Admin menu. Depending on your permission level, you may not be able to view the General Settings screen. In addition, the settings you see on this page depend on both your role permissions and the features available in your product plan.

To adjust the Single-Sign On options (SAML) and password policy, see the Security Settings page.

Changes to these fields may take up to five minutes to take effect. Consider this delay when attempting to fine-tune any settings, especially those that involve timing during outbound phone calls.

General Settings



User Licenses Displays the number of Full User and Stakeholder user licenses (if applicable) you're already using, and the total number available.
Company Logo

Allows you to configure the logo that appears on the company login page and in top left corner of the user interface once logged into xMatters. The company login page is accessed by including the company name in the logon URL, for example,

The company logo is displayed 70 pixels high and up to 270 pixels wide, and appears on a white background. Larger images will be scaled down to these dimensions. To maximize the size of your logo on the login screen, use a version of your logo that is short and wide, and crop white space from the top and bottom of the image. For best results on retina screens, upload an image that is 140 pixels high.

You can upload any image file of type .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, and .png that is 250KB or smaller.

  • To upload a new logo, click the Upload New Image button and select the new image. In the Logo Uploaded dialog, click Save. The new logo is saved regardless of whether you save any other changes on the General Settings page.
  • To restore the original xMatters logo, click Revert to default.
Temporary Absences Sets whether users must specify a replacement when adding a temporary absence. If this is not selected, specifying a replacement is optional.
Device Delays

Allows you to configure a default wait time that will automatically be included before each new device added to a user’s profile, with the exception of the first device. Users can modify or delete the wait time after adding a device. If this is not selected, a wait time is not added before new devices.


For more information about configuring delays between a user's devices, see Configure device delays.

Email and Caller ID Overrides

Allows you to configure the email Sender Display Name and Outgoing Caller ID to help recipients recognize notifications from xMatters and to reduce the number of notifications that are marked as spam.

  • Email Override specifies the name shown as the sender of email and app notifications.

  • Caller ID Override specifies the phone number to display on phones that have the ability to show caller ID information for incoming calls.

For more information about configuring the email sender display names and caller ID overrides, see Configure email and caller ID overrides.

xMatters Support Access

Determines whether xMatters Support can access your instance. When Allow Access to Account is selected, xMatters Customer Support Administrators can log in to your instance using a secure support role to troubleshoot issues, help you collect and understand your data, or assist with system configuration.