Add a conference bridge to a form

A conference bridge is created for notifications sent using a messaging form with a conference bridge section. When you initiate a messaging form that has a conference bridge (either by manually sending the message or using a Create Alert Using a Form step as part of an automated flow) you enable message recipients to join a conference call. Message recipients that receive phone notifications are prompted to connect directly to the conference bridge by pressing a number on their keypad. Message recipients who receive conference bridge notifications on other devices, such as email or SMS, are provided with the information they need to manually phone in to the conference bridge.

Complete the steps in this topic to add xMatters-hosted bridges or External bridges from third-party conference providers to your messaging forms. To use an external conference bridge, there are additional settings you must configure that instruct xMatters how to contact the bridge.

To create an xMatters-hosted conference when using a flow trigger form, add a Create xMatters Conference step to the connected flow.

The default behavior used by xMatters for voice notifications about conference call requests is to call a user once, and if there is no answer leave a voicemail message with callback information. To change the number times xMatters will attempt to call users, the wait time between retry attempts, and voicemail options, see the Voicemail Options settings in Handling options.

External conference bridges

To use a third-party conference provider (for example, WebEx, InterCall, or GoToMeeting) with a messaging form, create an external conference bridge so xMatters knows how to contact and interact with the bridge.