User and Group Performance reports

The User and Group Performance reports allow users and supervisors (and company administrators) to review trends and changes in the way people in their organization handle notifications and escalations for alerts and incidents. You can use these reports to review and analyze performance over a period of time and identify potential opportunities for operational improvements.

Some things to remember about the reports:

  • The performance reports do not include notifications or responses related to subscriptions.
  • The reports are updated only after alerts have been terminated and incidents have been resolved; xMatters calculates the Time-To-Response fields and the number of positive/negative responses according to the last response received.
  • The Group Performance report cannot be calculated for groups with more than 1000 members, or for groups with more than four levels of nesting.
  • For performance reports to work, an administrator must define how each response choice contributes towards evaluating performance, and define at least one "Positive" response contribution value. For more information, see Configure response contribution values.