Review incident metrics

Once an incident is resolved, stakeholders can review information and metrics about the incident through the incident console. This allows you to clearly see the incident's key details, such as time to detect, time to acknowledge, and time to resolve, to help perform a comprehensive analysis of an incident's life cycle. Metrics like status by duration and duration by severity are displayed in a graph to provide a visual representation of the information. You can export the data into a spreadsheet at any time during the incident's lifecycle for additional updating, reporting, or filing purposes.

View a resolved incident's metrics and details

To view the console of a resolved incident, click the name of the incident you want to view in the Incidents list. A resolved incident's console displays the incident metrics and other key details. Some details can be edited (such as the incident summary, description, time to detect, and impact duration) to provide a more accurate postmortem report. The console for a resolved incident displays the following details:

Export incident

You can export an incident's details as a spreadsheet to perform further data analysis or update stakeholders at any time during its lifecycle.